Even the beetroot sandwich eaters can cook this

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Fry up a little garlic with equal measures of hot and mild chilli. Put aside to cool, Sweat red pepper and onion in olive oil. Get some mince and add oregano and a beef oxo, stir it in with the garlic chilli mix and divide into golf ball sized pieces. Add can of tomatoes to sweated pepper and onions and use blender. Cook up some pasta, while gently frying the meat balls. Combine and have some grated Italian cheese on standby. I've got a bit of Gran Padarno at the back of the fridge.

Child's play, and much nicer than the Pot Noodles favoured by some of the sceptics round here.


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Licking the local takeaway's windows is a tastier option Patrick.
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It saves adding salt and acts as binding agent.
Only if it's reduced salt Oxo. If not then you're talking at least 2g of salt per cube


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I take it he means Grana Padano which is a cheese people who are too tight to buy Parmagia use as a substitute, its a bit like Pecorino Romano (which I use cos I'm just as tight economical. :whistle: )
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