Everyday soreness/injuries


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So what injuries do you carry with you on a day to day basis?

My ring finger on my right hand is slightly swollen and mildly painful if I touch it (I think it's because it's the last finger on my brake so somehow has taken most of the pressure when braking). My bike was bought in Taiwan so brakes are on the opposite side - gave my LBS a bit of a surprise when he took it out!
Left thumb is sore (from changing gear)
Nice spot on upper thigh (from rubbing against the seat)
Soreness between the shoulder blades

Nothing major to be concerned about - just stuff I "carry" with me.


I was right about that saddle
No injuries, but I am 46, pretending to be 26, commuting by bike to work, cycling at lunch, cycling home again, sleeping like a baby.


got a dodgy thumb from smashing into a tree while sledging in the winter, caused me some pain on my Shimano Tiagra STI shifter, but since i moved to Sram Double tap it doesnt bother me at all


you should not get any wear and tear injuries from day to day riding if the bike is set up properly, mine was lovely by the end of LEL, there were a few cleat/seat tweaks at the 600 and 1000km marks

then some scrote stole my beautifully worn in Brooks and the bike has never been the same since

slight back ache that moves around every day but i don't think that's from riding although riding might be moving it around as i favour it, achy wrist from football a long time ago, the odd twinge in the legs from time to time btu i suspect that acombination of age and psuhing harder now and then


Flouncing Nobber
sleeping like a baby.
Wearing a nappy in a cot?
Very sore left thumb from falling off back in February. Badly broke 2 bones in my hand from that and have only just got back on the bike after a couple of months off. Really hurts trying to put the bike into the big ring although I have no issues on my road bike.
Might be time for a commuter upgrade:smile:
Slightly sunburned head - shoulda worn a hat on Monday!
Left knee sometimes feels a bit ouch but not too bad - it's always been a weak spot.
Lower back sometimes a bit sore but I don't think that's cycling related.
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