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    The following is a list of those who have completed an Exeter Wheelers’ Super Randonneur Series.

    If I have left anyone out, contact me to make a claim. There's a nice yellow & black cloth badge for all EWCCSRs.

    The qualifying events are:-
    Mad March 200
    Valley of the Rocks 200
    Old Roads 300
    Marlborough with Lights 300
    Avalon Sunrise 400
    2013 National 400
    Back to the Smoke 400 (from 2018)
    Kernow & SW 600
    Exe-Buzzard/Buzzard 600s (from 2016)
    Current organisers: Jamie Andrews; Sarah Britton; Ian Hennessey.

    Rob Simmonds

    Brian Jago
    Pete Mastenko

    No award (no 400 available)

    No award

    Brian Atkins
    Dene Clarke

    Jamie Andrews
    Danny Cortis
    Ian Hennessey
    Jeremy Honeywill
    Oliver Iles
    Richard Salisbury
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