since leaving London at the end of August, I have stopped commuting by bike. For a while, the reason I wasn't commuting was simply that I didn't actually have a job to commute to. However, I now have a job, only three miles from my flat, and should probably be cycling to work (I walk at the moment). As it stands, I am using the following excuses to myself as to why I am not:
* to lock the bike safely (i.e. indoors) and have access to changing facilities and showers will cost more per month than the bus, which itself is horribly expensive
* to lock the bike to a sheffield stand and change in the toilet will mean I smell all day and my bike will be nicked (this is probably paranoia, I've locked my bike many times without it being nicked)
* I will be slow (Bristol's all hills) and I hate being slow and don't like looking slow
* the standard of driving here is ghastly, and the traffic's not all jammed up like in London
* it's uphill all the way home
* my front brake is dodgy

Please help me overcome the feeble excuse demons!


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You're walking instead, that's just as good for the environment, and better still from an exercise point of view. No guilt required whatsoever, just a "Well done!!!".


Fair reasons as to why not,security is my main worry,but give it some power walking,and your fitness wont deterioate much,just different muscles will ache;)
Not having a shower is nothing to worry about for 3 miles. I cycle 3.5, I wear work trowsers and a cycling top/ jacket and put on a fresh shirt when arrive and use deodarant when I arrive. I'm uphill all the way to work but I'd rather cycle it than walk it, means I can lie in bed longer. ;) I hear you on the security issue though and as folks say the walk will be good excercise and your not harming the environment.


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Get on that bike - take baby wipes and deo, and/or use the disabled loo (for space).

Yep, traffic moves outside London....

How else will you keep fit..... and take the long route

Locks - buy some decent ones - see chain reaction for the gold standard on-guard locks...very reasonable prices. Buy a cheap bike rain cover if leaving it outside at work...

As the Nike slogan goes.....JUST DO IT !
Tynan said:
walking's better than cycling, what's the problem
Mmmm. I don't quite agree with that. Cycling is much more fun!;) If we are talking green credentials here walking is a winner hands down.
In fact walking with your hands down is probably quite green as well, if a little silly and a little more difficult....;)
magnatom said:
In fact walking with your hands down is probably quite green as well, if a little silly and a little more difficult....:tongue:
Do you walk everywhere with your hands up? :biggrin:


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HLaB said:
Do you walk everywhere with your hands up? :biggrin:
Don't be frivolous, it's very sensible to raise your arms while pedestrianing about, it makes you more visible to motor traffic and also increases room on the pavement for other pedestrians.


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Is your bike a really nice one... so far everyone has left my £250 one alone in Bristol ... (well although I suspect the odd check that it is properly locked up). If you are leaving it in anywhere in the town centre (given that its the main low area and almost every direction from there is up) then there are loads of bikes locked up with really naff locks that I suspect they would go for first. That of course depends on whether its a really really nice bike of course.
And try a different route home... I know they are all hilly but some are better than others.


It's a condor - but it's been ok outside the pub and stuff, and my lock's pretty good. I work by the floating harbour and live on the north side of the downs, so the routes home are either Park Street/Whiteladies/Blackboy Hill or via Hotwells/A4/Bridge Valley Road :biggrin:
You're right. Those are excuses, not reasons.

The difference? Nothing I can say will make you abandon an excuse - it's not a rational position I can argue with.

However, ignoring that and pretending that they are valid reasons:

Your main problem sounds like vanity. Sorry, but you say that you don't want to look slow. Forget about looking good for now. Just get on yer bike!

Smelling? Learn to amble on your bike. You don't have to go hell for leather at all times. Pace yourself a bit and you won't sweat or smell, so that's that one dealt with.

Security? Leave your vanity bike at home and get another that won't break your heart if it's stolen. Lock it up good and hope for the best. If it disappears, a three mile walk home won't kill you and replacing it will probably cost less than the insurance on a posh bike. Or get a folder and take it inside with you. You won't look fast, but you'll be surprised how fast you might be. Those things are pretty light you know.

Uphill all the way home. Great for fitness. And you can have a shower when you get there.

The standard of driving in Bristol isn't noticeably worse than in most other British cities. Grow up and live with it. (Get some training/read Cyclecraft/all the other usual advice if you don't already know it).

Dodgy front brake: now you really are coming up with weak excuses. So fix it! If you don't know how, well, don't they have bike shops in Bristol?

And finally:

Pull yourself together man! If you wanted sympathy, you've chosen the wrong forum!


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Never yet made it up Bridge Valley road (without walking abit of the way) ... but then I find hills hard.
Depending on where you are trying to get to beyond the Downs you can go up some of the parrallel side roads to Whiteladies road such as Hampton road. Or a bit of a long way round I know but the Gloucester road seems to climb the hills in a nice way... then cut off to where you want to go once you are up on the top... chances are though that would be miles out of your way.

You shouldn't get to smelly going to work ... its almost all downhill.

And if you are going slow... just remember some poor souls in a car are stuck behind you going equally slow:evil::biggrin::evil:. Actually this is Bristol they are going slow anyway.
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