Exmouth Exodus 26-27 June 2010

The other overnight ride. Smaller than the Dynamo and a bloody sight easier to get home from! :biggrin::thumbsup:

100 miles from Bristol to Exmouth. Free to enter but a £1 donation gets you a route sheet and helps cover the modest costs. You need to be self-sufficient but Baggy and I will be crewing the Squeaky Lobster Cafe at strategic points en-route and Big Dave (Atkinson, of Road.CC fame) or nearest human equivalent will be providing the noms half way.

Date of recce ride to be decided soon (I'll add it here as soon as it's decided).

More details on the EE website. http://www.exmouthexodus.co.uk/


what chances of no monsoon this year???


Alas, I will have to miss it this year (I've done the last two).... I'd put a sad face smilie in but it's because me and the missus are off on a three month tour of Europe :laugh:


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I'd hoped to, but SWMBO has got tickets for Paul McCartney at the millenium stadium, and I'd rather still be alive on the morning of the 27th. (It wouldn't be the ride that killed me!).

What are the dates for 2011?


I appreciae I post this every year but it's not easier to get home from for me

I have only a dim idea of what goes on but memories of tales of high speed descents of some sort of gorge in freezing cold rain, keep that at night

so far away

and hills! a 3 mile hill doesn't sound like fun in the dark, bad surfaces, you'll tell me next there's sections without street lights

edit, gawd, it actually is fractionally closer than Dunwich, three legs though


Up for my third one this year and have talked a couple of blokes from work in to giving it a go. Managed to avoid the wet rides ('07 & ' 09?) and hope to enjoy another dry night this time.

Will also be giving my Cross Check it's first long ride too so look out for the hideous 'Beef Gravy' colour - don't know what Surly were thinking of!


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vbc said:
don't know what Surly were thinking of!
Their Sunday dinner? ;)

Here's hoping you bring some dry weather with you again...


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...if it does rain I'll now hold you personally responsible ;)

OK, it might rain, but it really can't be any worse than last year.

So, any more of you coming along? We've bought a HUGE teapot and there will be Jelly Babies, Soreen and crisps at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge again :troll:
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