Expensive numpty mistake.


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Most saturday mornings i do the family ironing.So today is no different,but i had just been looking in my wardrobe and tried on my two best jerseys.I noticed my Altura shorts looked creased,so while i had the iron on just a quick flick.No No No i managed to, can't say melt them they sort of bubbled up/creased/matted together sort of thing.Now had it happened on the arse end i would not have bothered but no right on the front thigh,and i tried them on and they were ruckled on one leg.I even looked in the full length mirror.I even tried to wet iron them no good.So just spent an hour on't web and found a pair of Altura Ascent baggy shorts free delivery and 33% off.
Note to me--keep away from iron.Cost £23 .44p.A bargain i think.


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See, where you went wrong was, you did some ironing.

I think I own one item of clothing that needs ironing, and I wear it about once a year.... ;)


Me and my brother always did our own ironing as kids. After 21.75 years of marriage .... I still do my own ironing


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Any excuse to buy new cycling gear ;)

Are the Altura ones stretchy? I could really do with some new baggies, mine are some super stretchy mtb ones that must be mostly lycra but im fast wearing them out, my normal cotton shorts are way too restrictive on my thighs for cycling.
[QUOTE 1968023, member: 76"]I do all the ironing in our house. 9 years in the Army, ironing has to be of a standard.[/quote]

For those who remember real naval uniforms,the trousers had 7 (5 for the shorties) horizontal creases that alternated as shown here:


My wife ironed a smart central vertical crease!


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I didn't think anyone worse ironable clothes any more.

As it happens, I watched Brief Encounters last night. Very odd. Everyone talking like some Pathe news announcer, but even weirder, the husband sitting around on the sofa, 'relaxing after dinner' with The Times crossword, wearing a three piece suit, shirt & tie, jacket buttoned up...bizarre. Did people really live like that?
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