Exporting/importing data with cycling computers

I'm looking at getting a cycling computer - one with (at least basic) navigation. I've been looking at the Bryton 420, mainly as a balance between functionality and price. As a more general query though (although would be useful to know for the Bryton), is it possible with these devices - and apologies if there is lots of variation - to import/export a route manually? And by that I mean via a cable (presumably a usb) and avoiding using an app of any kind?

I ask this because at the start of lockdown I bought an Amazfit Bip watch just to get distance and speed etc. for my rides. Its been pretty good for the price but what I didn't realise was how many hoops I'd need to jump through to get the data onto Strava or equivalent. This is in large part because I'm not a smartphone user and have a fairly old Android tablet that wasn't compatible with the Amazfit app. I now have a tedious process for getting rides onto Strava that is reliant on my increasingly flakey tablet. If I bought a pricier computer then I'd be happy to use an app, I just don't have total confidence that my other tech is up it so I'd like a back up option which is via a cable onto a laptop. So, be able to create a route and get the gpx file onto the device then similarly export a gpx file for a ride I've done. Perhaps this is a really obvious thing, but it would be really good to confirm!


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Yes. All bike GPS systems on the market use USB connections for charging, plus data transfer & firmware updates when connected to a desktop system. From what I can find online, the 420 saves ride data on FIT format, as many Garmin (& other) devices use. Strava (etc) can import those directly. It will load routes in GPX format, the usual standard. So if you don't want to, or can't , use the Bryton software, you don't need to. That simple.
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