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Hello everyone,

Just bought an Exposure Joystick MK9 second hand.

On the USB cable there is a warning that reads "WARNING Do not use with pre 2015 CR123 charger which operates at 4.2V input"

It didn't come with a wall socket, just the USB.

Can I use this with the wall socket that came with my smart phone?

It doesn't say what I can use it with,and I don't want to damage anything.

Thanks very much for any help.
the literature reads
Ideal for easy charging on the move, Exposure Lights are chargeable using any USB port so your never caught without a way to pump power back into your light.
which would suggest that any USB port can be used to charge the light. This suggests that the voltage rating for charging has been changed with the new model to standardise it...
however this said, my mk 5, 6 and 7 versions can all be charged from a standard USB port as well. :wacko:

the bigger question is whether your smartphone mains adaptor for the USB lead is restricted to 5V charging or charges faster than 5V...

A mains charger for it - the exposure one can be found here... http://www.evanscycles.com/products/exposure/smart-charger-ec043044#features it does suggest that it is intelligent in charging... so I don't know if the smartphone charger would be OK... the replacement part at evans is only £17.96


Thanks for the reply!

I managed to speak to Exposure in the end, they said said that the warning applied to their own chargers (the charger that charges their removable batteries for use in other lights)

So to put it simply with the MK9 Joystick (and I'm guessing other joysticks too?) you can charge it in any USB like in a PC / Laptop or the USB wall charges for smart phones.

Thanks again Satnavstraighton
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