Falconi 'Ascent' Bibshorts XL

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by Aperitif, 6 Jun 2008.

  1. Make: Falconi
    Price $59.95 + $13 postage
    From: www.love2pedal.com - here

    Having read a recommendation from, I think Mr Hippo, I decided to take a punt on some 'American sized' cycling bibs - as opposed to the basically unrealistic european sizing so beloved by companies who use starving sparrows as tailor's dummies.
    I'm talking real men here - if you are a snivelling matchstick-legged grasshopper type - look away now!:angry:

    9th June: Little rubber 'badge' on the left leg has departed - probably due to excess speed causing the rubber to melt...nothing major but it is a sloppy piece of stitchery.

    Firstly, delivery was quicksmart - email contact and advice was good.
    A medium sized reinforced envelope arrived - well packed goods - no problem.
    There is a choice of piping colours within this range, giving adequate choice for the fussy...
    My waist: 37"/94cm
    Thigh at top: 28"/71cm
    Thigh at the point the shorts grip 22"/56cm
    This equates to a lovely fitting XL in this range, with nice wide straps and
    comfortable back section. The padding for the bits is also very comfortable.
    My verdict? I'm going back for more - very comfortable clothing and not squeezing into the biggest sizing on the chart!!!
    If you are bigger boned / abundant in relaxed muscle, then this company might be just the thing you are looking for!
    Here are some pics - after about the third wash or so...
    If you are really interested, there's a photo of them with contents (ie: me) which can be found in tdr1nka's London Leg report of the CycleChat Jersey Relay!




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