Fancy Lids, Due for retirement


I just bought a bright yellow Carnac Croix from PX, to replace my tired but reliable Aero something. It's not thst different, but has slightly larger walls to make contact with at the back and sides which makes it feel a bit moist.

I have only ever worn the most basic of helmets, and I popped in Evans, and tried on a mojito, and innthe store, it felt light. Hard to imagine how breezy it would feel, looking at myself in a mirror.

I wondered if anyone was retiring a Kask or Giro in a similar manner to me? I'd be interested to have a shot, even if it is properly ratty.

Happy to pay postage and a bus ticket to the post office, but I am really thinking of soemthsom that hoods no value to you. Maybe you constantly hit your head off it as you enter the shed.
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