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While I am amusing myself decorating the seat stays, I just wondered if any cycle builders had specific ornamentation particular to their brand or if any had registered design copyrights ? Be a bummer to find I had infringed someones intellectual property.
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That looks similar to what's on Dawes galaxies


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I'm not sure that anyone does, and edging round lugs isn't unique to any particular brand.

Most times I've seen stays, it's just had the company name stamped and filled in.

Good job by the way, never easy painting freehand in such a small area. Finish on the bike looks class too - any more pics/detailing?


Yep :smile: I had to polish a couple of frames we kept in stock. We put extra varnish on the seat caps so the paint wouldn't get scratched. I think the varnish was called translac?


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To be registered a design must be novel in more than immaterial details and possess individual character. The registration protects the design only for 25 years. So I would not worry.

young Ed

even if it was a registered design copyright i shouldn't think they would worry about one person in britain accidentally roughly copying this design just on their own frame, it is more to protect the design from being used by another manufacture on a frame that is sold on the market

highly unlikely anyone relevant would ever find out, it is only likely to be people you are riding with and when you stop at the cafe on a club run
Cheers Ed


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Hey this is more time consuming than I thought. Problem is being a quality build the lugs have been well chamfered off and don't give a sharp edge to run the brush up to. Have to go really slow and keep correcting to get a decent line.

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