Fantasy Tour 2023

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Ok all, get your entries in.
CycleChat League code = 302242613

Entries will close at 12:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time) on Saturday 1st July 2023. That is 11:30 in UK and 06:30 on Canada/US East Coast.

There are many teams who have not finalised their selection, so I would advise checking your team early saturday morning.
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Things can still change with withdrawals etc, but all teams seem to have now declared 8 riders which seems to have filtered thru to velogames

I see there are 5 teams can't win the young rider jersey :smile:


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So is your team:
A. Carefully crafted to gain maximum points.
B. Mainly riders you like plus a few others who would fit.
C. Based on riders with cool/silly names.
D. A random assemblage of losers.

I'm a B
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