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Woking Area cyclists might be interested in this. There's prizes and the like up for grabs, so spread the word!

Woking workers who have yet to sign up to the Woking Cycle Challenge may want to think again, as high street shopping vouchers are up for grabs.

To encourage Woking’s workforce to join the ride and take part in this year’s Woking Cycle Challenge, we are offering £10 high street shopping vouchers to the first 100 new participants to log a journey.

Woking Cycle Challenge, which is run by Cycle Woking, is a free, fun competition that encourages people to remember the joys of riding a bike. Businesses register and go head-to-head to get as many of their colleagues as possible to ride a bike at some point over the two week challenge period, Monday 14 June to Sunday 27 June 2010.

Any organisation can take part and many have already raced to saddle up! Participants have logged an amazing 3,315 miles in the run up to the two-week challenge period.

The Cycle Challenge team have been on the road, spreading word of the challenge and visiting several local organisations to run roadshows to get people involved and to give away some cycling freebies to get people going.

To join in the fun and pedal for prizes, go to www.wokingcyclechallenge.org.uk and register your organisation, then use your pester power to encourage colleagues to take up the challenge!


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Registered a week or so ago now :thumbsdown:


Logged a few journeys....where's my blooming voucher!!! :thumbsup:
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