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St Neots , Cambs
i recently nipped along to Fat Birds (Hunstanton)to have a glance at there Van Nicholas Racers, the staff were very friendly and helpful, letting me test ride the same 2 bikes many times until id decided which i liked the most, i placed my order and awaited it to be built.

I was given a time of 1 week (although its common to wait 10 weeks from many Van Nicholas dealers) as these bikes are custom built to every buyer and some of the parts id requested were not in stock.

I phoned them back the next day and ammended my order as id decided to change the groupset id ordered to a differnt one and upgrade the wheels, which they were more then happy to do, they spent a good deal of time with me on the phone ensuring that everything i had ordered was ideal to what i was using the bike for and the type of performance i was after.

I got a call a week later saying my bike was ready to pick up on my answerphone, i called them back to comferm and it turned out the bike was built up with differnt wheels as the wheels id ordered were hard to get hold of and take a month to get back in stock.

So for the 1st few seconds of the phone call i was disappointed until they said that they do have the wheels i wanted in silver not black which i could have Or they offered me a significant upgrade for an extra £50 so i snapped them up as this was such a good offer.

I went along to my fitting and left (with my significant bag of freebies) feeling that i was genuinely well looked after, the spec i got was very competative and that i couldnt have parted with my cash to nicer and more helpful people.

Thankyou FatBirds, a big Thumbs up from me!

Nick )



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I like Fatbirds....only been in there 2 or 3 times in passing, but they seem a genuinely nice bunch of people. Well done to you all.
I got a tiagra wheelset from there, significantly cheaper than anywhere else i'd looked at the time.
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