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Mine was the Crunchy Nut Cornflake ad, probably 20+ years ago, when the guy at the buffet breakfast takes the massive serving bowl of CNC back to his table and starts scoffing the lot only for one of the staff to come and snatch it out of his hands. A work of genius. Had to describe it because I can't find the ad on YouTube.


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This still makes me chuckle

Ok, I did like that one!

I don't mind the odd decent ad but most of them are awful the first time that you see them and become worse with repeated viewing.

Oh, I just remembered catching one on a recording of a Film4 film a week or so back. I thought it was funny so I watched it several times. As if to show what a waste of time these ads are though - I don't even remember what they were advertising!

Let me see if I can find it ... Here you go!



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I quite like the gorilla cadburys advert...

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This still makes me chuckle

There was another Smash ad where a gran and her granddaughter were in a futuristic kitchen where the old girl explained that back in the old days people used to have to peel, boil and mash potatoes to achieve mash and the young girl says, "What's a potato?"

I suspect Jamie Oliver had similar feelings when some of the school kids he asked didn't recognise fresh veg in their original form.


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I remember one from the 60s in the US. It ran only once. In it a radical Black Panther type character leered into the camera, up close, wide angle, and said: Black is beautiful. The camera then panned back and you could see behind him a timorous white clerk, bow tie and all, behind the counter at a hardware store. Clerk says in a jittery voice, "Yes, sir, but on a colonial home?"

It was a paint ad...
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