Felt bikes - anyone got one?

Gary P

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I'm going to look at a used Felt Q620 MTB this evening in my local free ads. The lady owner bought it thinking she'd get out on the lovely Sussex downs then it stayed in the shed.

I don't know much about Felt but they seem to have a decent repuation.

Anyone got one and can they impart any wisdom about their experience of ownership please?




Do a search on here - there was quite a bit of discussion about them a year or 2 back.

Many of their models were well reviewed and rated IIRC.


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Don't know squat about their mountain bikes, I got an F1 SLR a few months ago and it's an incredible piece of kit. I'd say, no kidding, that I was immediately at least 30% faster on it straight out of the box, over my previous bike.

Considering the spec and price, you'd want to notice a difference in fairness, but I was still blown away by how big a difference it made to my riding.
I bought a Q200 a bit back (their base model) as I had a half-reasonable MTB already but was oversized for me (on an old malt-1 frame I was given way back) and it seemed a reasonable idea to buy a whole bike and combine the best of all parts to make 1 MTB and one knockabout BSO

Took it out prior to tinkering (except for the immediate fork-switch for my old Judy TTs) up and over Whinstone Lee Tor just for a not-too-challenging jolly out and it wasn't too bad

Stripped it down, swapped parts, added some mavic wheels and gusset discs and it's a fairly competent machine (still running on 21 gears, since I like my STX pods)

However, the Judys have succumbed to age and the standard SR forks are back on and there's a bit of play in the stanchions. Also a mate bought another Felt with SR forks and I happened to notice a stupid amount of play (felt like a really slack headset) and told him to stop riding straightaway it was that bad.

In short, they seem decent enough for the price but the SR forks just scare me....if it wasn't that my mate asked me to look at adjusting his brakes he'd still be riding (read "bombing down one of the steepest hills in Sheffield at 30+ MPH") a bike with dangerous forks

That's the only thing that puts me off
Gary P

Gary P

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I did buy the bike last evening from a woman who'd done the classic thing of thinking she wanted to do a bit of off road biking with her partner to get fit, then realised she hated it. It's been used less than half a dozen times and then, not in anger.

It's in good order and just needs a clean and a service as it's been stood in a shed for 18 months. Cost me £250 so can't complain. I'll need to fit some clips and straps as I can't get on with SPDs (dodgy knees) and then I'm aiming to get out on it over this weekend.

South Downs Way is on my doorstep so I'm very lucky. Will post pics when I get a chance.
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