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Frozen North
That was my reaction. I am beginning to lose all faith in the pro scene now.


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I'm sure you lot would all put your morals first when faced with having to put bread on the table.

Steve Austin

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Who wants a bet on Astana being banned from competing anyway?
The /uci might allow them in, but that don't mean a lot when the race organisers can exclude them anyway a la unibet


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I wouldnt have thought this is much of a surprise

Astana = dirty team, everyone knows it

Disco = dirty team, people dont want to believe it

Given the choice would a disco rider prefer to go to a team with blood profiling or a team where you can keep on doing what youre doing?

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
It's beyond belief.

Sometimes you think these people actually go out of their way to feed the suspicions and rumour mill. I know the case against them in unsubstantiated, but this sort of thing doesn't help!


I laughed when I clicked that...its the same wiht celerbrideez :biggrin: - they dont realise how stupid they are really ! From an outsiders P.O.V. :biggrin:

Same goes for Bruyneel - a former d**g dealer and condoner running a team with accusations of drugs - total and utter redicularity !

alecstilleyedye said:


Sad, very sad, but at least he will get his friendly doctor provided by the team rather having to pay for him out of wages.


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That's ridiculous. But then it got me to thinking well, where exactly could he go to give the right image of himself? I'm struggling to think of any!


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He could go to T-Mobile or CSC or another team that is bringing in blood profiling (although in truth they probably wouldnt want him because they wouldnt think he could replicate his previous results under their cleaner programme)

he could invite the spanish anti doping agency or the ADA of whichever country his team is based in to test him every month

he could arrange a televised press conference where he donates his DNA to spanish investigators and the UCI to clear up all those nasty rumours about a spanish gynacologist giving him assistance...


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Hmm let's see, T-Mobile who had how many positives last season despite their no tolerance approach to doping? CSC whose DS revealed to the world last year (when his hand was forced) that he won the tour by cheating. CSC whose star rider 2 years ago was found to be involved in OP.

There are few if any (I can't think of any) vestiges of clean sportsmanship left in pro cycling.
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