Fill the V-brake holes?


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you can get fancy bolts, i have coloured co-ordinated hope bolts to fill the v-brake hole mounts that are colour matched for my sid world cups and my trek 9.8 which did not cost that much, i got them from chain reaction. the hope(hope is the crowd renowed for really good disc brakes) bolts fitted perfect and flush for me :blush:.


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you are refering to screw in brake bosses, as found on suspenion forks?

these unscrew but can be really really tight.

I have used a socket screw -aka grub screw - naturally in stinaless, or a piece of rubber cut to size and pushed into the hole.

There are at least 2 different threads for the bosses so you may not find the correct socket screw - seem to recall one being some US size.

generally you need only one as you would use the other to secure your brake hose to the forks.

a socket screw yesterday.
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