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I got back into cycling last summer (hadn't done any since I was a kid, I'm now 23) and have recently got my first road bike :biggrin:
What's the best way to find longish bike rides to ride? I did the London to Brighton a few weeks ago which I really enjoyed despite it being dangerously crowded! I'm now looking for longer rides to do, what's the best way to go about this? I'm in Brighton by the way. I don't have any friends that cycle and whilst I enjoy heading out on my own it would be nice to have some company and some direction in terms of the route etc
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Try posting this in the rides section, or look here if you want to try a club -

Good luck :biggrin::smile::biggrin:

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When I visit the UK I normally buy the Cycling Weekly magazine and one of the reasons is to look at the 'What's on this week section' where you can find and join clubs etc. during their open club runs at weekends. I've had some good rides in different parts of the country doing this!!!


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Try your LBS - that's where I got details of the group I've been riding with over the last 2 years. Once you are in a group you will find out more about what is going on in your area.


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Blue said:
Try your LBS - that's where I got details of the group I've been riding with over the last 2 years. Once you are in a group you will find out more about what is going on in your area.

Seconded, your LBS will have details of local groups. Also, you could try Bike Events, they organise rides similar to the London to Brighton.
I seem to have the same problem as you. I've just bought my first road bike since I was a boy and whilst my wife joins in occasionally I'm looking for someone to go further afield. I'm based along the coast near Hastings and tend to ride locally but am intending to try some routes around Beachy Head etc.

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Try the CTC website, to see if there's a local group near you


Dust bowlrefugee i second the ctc suggestion.They may have different groups fast slow long or short rides till you find your feet.Just spent a week near Battle came out to Hastings via St Leonards on Sea then Hastings.Found it hilly but enjoyed it.

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All good advice.

Generally (and these generalisations are frequently contradicted by specific examples) you have to decide if you are looking to find a group to join that rides regularly together or find a variety of rides you just pay to join in and where you may (or may not) find others going your speed.

Of the first type, the CTC or other similar groups in your area, are a good bet. They will give you some idea of the distance and will sometimes have different speed groups for you to join. There will generally be more of a feeling of inclusiveness and accommodation of each other. They will also definitely stop for tea.

In contrast 'Club runs' based on competitive cycling clubs might offer groups of different speeds, but especially during 'the season', there will be no waiting for slow riders. You hang on for as long as possible before being 'blown out the back door'. This is because it's 'good for you' and in the long term you will thank them for the valuable contribution they played in your development as a rider. Or you will find some one else to ride with and leave them to complain that 'cycling is dying'.

Finally, of the 'pay up and go' rides, there are the charity rides you have already tried, plus the 'Sportives' and Audaxes. On each, the bigger the event the greater chance of someone going your speed. There tends to be loads of write up about each on the web and it's easy to discover which are the more popular events in your area. Audax tend to be lower key with a greater requirement on self reliance. They are also substantially cheaper than Sportives, which however are the flavour of the moment and seem to suit lots of people.
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