First 20+ mile ride


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Been itching to do this for a while, since I got my spanking new spechy Allez Sports. I do a daily 12 miles round commute 5 times a week but with traffic, lights and the odd numpty driver its more of a chore than a joy.
So I woke up this morning ( not meaning to sound like a blues song there ;) ) and just thought " Yup todays the day " done Mrs Tis brekkies in bed to butter her up and put on my gear.
Rode from Forest Hill SE London to Bromley turned into Hayes and just rode till the computer clocked up 10 miles then headed back the same route.
To say this was a joy is the understatement of the year, was just pure bliss to just ride and go through the gears without worrying too much about traffic. Ended up in Biggin Hill where I had my drink and a ceral bar right outside the Spitfire cafe which had loads of road bikes outside !! ( anyone who could enlighten me about if this is on a club run please do )
Anyway, finished up with a ave of 14.9 mph and a time of 1hr 23sec over 23.4 miles not that it matters to me I just loved being out on the open road.
Cant wait till the next stint ...............

I stop at traffic lights cos it means I spend more time on my bike :biggrin:


Nice run, and decent time too.


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Fantastic isn't it?

Now you need to stick the bike in the car, drive up North and ride some scenery:

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