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Plymouth, UK
Hey everyone!

I've finally taken the plunge, having missed out on riding the Plymouth Gran Fondo, I've registered for my first Audax event, only a 50km to see how the instructions and things work, and if it's up my street or not.

The only thing is, I've registered, and unsure of the clothing, is there an etiquette I should follow, or my turning up in my sportive clothing (bib and jersey) suitable?
I will of course take a pannier bag, so I can carry cash and warmer clothing if I need it, but thought I should ask those who do it frequently.

I've been given the route for my Garmin, so will be loading that up later/tomorrow, and looking forward to riding it.


Clip in sandals and a beard are de rigeur.

Wear you like, audaxers are a friendly and forgiving bunch.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Clothing: wear some. I ride in my club clothing and riders basically wear what they wish.

I take a couple of tubes and some basic tools plus a waterproof.

Enjoy it; it's a bit like orienteering on the bike. I'd suggest you take some printed route instructions as well as the Garmin.

I'm tending to prefer audaxes, having done a wide range of sportives plus charity rides (doing one on Sat) and racing / time-trialling this year.

Oh, and once you've done your 50, there's 100, 200, etc. audaxes. Having done a 120km in 2012, a 210km last year I've done 200, 300 and 400's so far this year, with a 600 this month and (hopefully) the 1200km PBP in August.


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Plymouth, UK
Thank you. I do hope to get some other bits, but for now, I'm going from sportives to trying the audax. I'm hoping to maybe fill my calendar with both, but there's one calendar entry which will remain a staple of my calendar, which is The Arrow in Grantham.
Be cool. Remember everyone is a volunteer. If things are good, be profuse in your thanks. If not, still say thanks - and a gentle suggestion on how it can be improved, if you feel it's warranted.

Equipment, clothes - whatever you feel comfortable in.

Here's another youtube for you. Halfway through this weekends 600km ride. It's just normal people getting on with it.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2lmbVg4gMI
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