First bike for wife 2nd Trek Neko SL - £300? or alternative?


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Been looking for a bike for my wife, she is 5ft 1" and will be her first bike. It will be used for doing local family rides with our young children such as local parks, roads and light trails. She did mention the pendleton bikes due but I'm not sure that these are versatile enough.She does like to be upright and comfortable.

My budget is approx £300 and so having been looking around at this price point.

So far, I have concluded the following new bikes based on what i've read so far:
  • Dawes Mojave
  • Revolution Streetfinder
  • Carrera Subway
However, i've also come across an 2nd hand unused 16" Trek Neko SL for £325 with all the supporting paperwork/receipts which is around 6 months old. It retails around £600, so i'm thinking that this would be a better buy for the money...Confused to say the least!!!. What are people thoughts on this forum?

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If the 2nd hand Trek Neko if truly unused and in perfect condition, then that's the best bargain you're ever likely to get. It would probably be best to take your wife along so she can try it for size and rideability before you hand over any cash.
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