First Bike Recommendations PLEASE!


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I'm male 33, 6 feet tall and 175 lbs, just want to get started and out of the research phase - just want to buy something and move forward!

I want to ride at my local park occasionally on gravel, light trails, but primarily ride on roads. I like quite roads without cars so being able to ride on gravel roads would be nice. Most importantly, I need an upright seating position because I'm getting over a lower back injury, so I want flat handle bars ideally in line with the seat.

I want to spend less than $500 US, so I'm willing to ride an all aluminum or steel frame, 8 rear gauge (clauvis), etc.

1. Don't want to pay for carbon anything (frame or fork) - so all aluminum or steel.
2. 8 gauge Shimano Chauvis is good.
3. Flat Handle bars
4. I NEED to buy upright as possible (but not a raised handle bar higher than seat (comfort bike).
5. Tires 32 centimeters wide to aid on off road travel.

With these in mind, a few type of bikes might fit the criteria.

1. Gravel Bikes
2. Fitness Bikes
3. Hybrid Dual Sport
4. Endurance Road Bike.

Guys, please recommend me a bike, new or used, so I can buy something and get out there. Save me some trouble!!

Also, where are the best places to shop in USA online?


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I'm leaning towards Colnago Impact, or a Trek DS2, which has a suspension but is possible to lock it for long flat roads etc. This comes in around 600 US.

The Colnago looks lovely and is on sale for 699 (500$ off).

Is the colnago really that much better of a bike (better components)?


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Get a bike without a suspension fork, on a budget bike, it'll be heavy and not very well constructed. Just a hindrance on road/paths, so stick to a rigid fork. On that basis the Colnago looks good, disc brakes too

@Gravity Aided might be able to help with US retailers, most of the users of this forum are in Europe

Although ideally you should try them out given your back issues. If needed you could always add a riser or more angled stem to raise the bars. Having seat and bars level to some extent also depends on the geometry of the bike and your own dimensions in terms of reach and leg leg length


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The colnago despite its illustrious name is just a basic level bike with basic quality components but none the worse for that and should suit you well.. As above you don't need the sus forks.
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