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A LOCAL couple are utilising natural resources and preserving the environment after they created a way of running their washing machine using a bicycle.

Pat O’Brien and Tina Carolan run the Kylemore Natural Energy centre just outside New Ross and such is their expertise at being self-sufficient that they haven’t had electricity supplied to the centre for around 13 years and instead rely on all natural energy to run their home.

From growing their own vegetables to running an electric vehicle from solar energy the couple are paving the way in terms of respecting the earth and harnessing natural resources in a very positive way.

However, their latest invention is sure to create a lot of interest – especially from people interested in fitness and well-being – as it involved redesigning a bicycle and the working mechanism of a washing machine so that the bike runs the latter.

“We thought this would be a great thing to do,” said Tina, who is a former fitness instructor.

“Especially nowadays when there is so much in the news about obesity levels, people being overweight and the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle,” she added.

Pat set to work creating the mechanism through which the machine could be run off the bicycle and after trial and error eventually worked out a system that allows Tina to literally pedal her way through the washing each day; something that she is very happy about.

“I think it’s great because for me it’s a means of getting exercise while at the same we’re getting the washing done and it’s all completely without the need for electricity,” she said.

“It’s a different way of thinking,” she added.

“It’s adopting the idea that you don’t need electricity to wash your clothes but a lot of thought had to go into it before it came right.”

In addition to the fitness benefits of running the washing machine from a bicycle Tina also said in practical terms it helps with bills.​
In addition to the fitness benefits of running the washing machine from a bicycle Tina ...........
Gotta laugh - guy plays meccano. Then gets his wife to do the hard work!
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