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I have signed up to compete my first duathlon in September but I am really confused on what road bike to get. Some people say use a hybrid road bike as that gives me straight handle bars and others say a normal racing bike. I am only 5"1' and need an 18" frame. People are concerned about the confidence of being on a racing bike over the curved bars. But I think that would come with practice. Please help!!!


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I know nothing whatsoever about Duathlon but I would suspect a drop bar race type bike is far and away the most suitable. It really depends on your own abilities and the standard of the competition. You have loads of time and better weather before September. Try as many bikes and bars as you can for fit and suitability and do let us know how you get on with the search and the event itself. Gez
Not done a formal dualthlon, though I have done a few 'bricks' a 20k-ish ride to the Humber river bank for a 5k run then another short cycle home.
I use a road bike, but I'm quite comfy riding it.
With a road bike you've got plenty of time to get used to riding it.
But the best bike will be the one you enjoy riding the most and want to get out on. If that's a hybrid or a Chopper then use that.
The tri Club I was a member of didn't seem to care much what you turn up with and I doubt the organisers will either. So long as you wear a helmet - compulsory usually.


Road drop bars definitely become easier with practice and confidence. You will find the majority of bikes at duathlons will be road bike and tri bikes, there will probably be a good mix of hybrid bikes too.
It takes a little while to get used to how road bikes handle on the drops but you will soon become more confident with practice.
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