First ride of Fall & great news on the house.


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I've been busy on the house the last few months and my riding took a little hit. So as Fall was approaching I was getting close to putting our house on the market. Hoping it would now free up a little more time to ride again. Now it's half day Friday and the house is listed and we have 4 showings less than 48 hours into this process. I get a call from the realtor after the second showing saying the buyer was super interested and had a few extra questions. So I answer the question and continue with my ride out toward the dam. Well I finally get done the ride shower up and head out before the next round of showings. I get another call from the realtor saying she has an offer that the second buyer has submitted to her. It's for $10,000 more than our asking price, and we agreed to add all the appliances, along with the the snow blower and lawnmower. We planned on offering all these items form the beginning so it was a great half day Friday.

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