First rides on the Electric Ice Adventures not good lol


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First rides on the Electric Ice Adventures not good lol

so i have a red and a blue. decided to do the red as a 750w bafang and the blue as a 250w. finished them last weeks and went for a test ride on the blue one.

everything went fine, but as ive mainly been on 750w i found it a bit slow. because of that i didnt enjoy the ride. got home took the kit off and ordered a 750w for it lol. so i put the kit on my mountain bike and went out yesterday and it was great. so i do think recumbent need more power, or it could be down to a 20 inch rear.

so today decided to take the red one out for a test ride. put some tools in the bag and of i went. straight away i noticed a click on the chain, thought it will be ok and continued on. power was better but it had a nasty rattle behind my Head (light fitting) got to the rougher ground and it died. bit mess on and found i had forgot to lock the batter in place (muppet) went a bit father and it came loose again. by this time im 2 miles from home, the chain click, rattlerly light and battery are doing my head in, also i fould the trike quite harse in general. so i give up and turned home.

after the battery coming loose twice more i got to a bank, half way up crack, chain snapped. now it was said on here a few weeks back. the trouble with mid drive over back wheel is if the chain snaps you stopped. i had a little tool with me so repaired the chain, bearing in mind the last owner had half the soudi oil field on it lol. went to try it and id only put it under instead of over the back bit. so redid it. and again forgot to lift the chain tube over the battery mount. so just decided to limp home on the throttle. 1 and a half miles.

so as i said i found the ride harse, but i'm not going to judge ice yet as it would be unfair. but even though my KMXs dont have supervision they fell better, and my performer is way better. i think the ice adventures may feel small to me. but as said unfair to judge to much as there was other issues.


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Nice write up keep them coming
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