First time touring bike under 700-800 pounds?


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Hey guys, I'm literally completely new to this but I'm planning a trip from London to Nice and am looking for a good but not expensive touring bike! So far I've been thinking about Fuji Touring 2015 but it doesn't have disc brakes and I thought that was pretty important for long journeys + where it's likely to be quite wet weather. I also like the Genesis Tour de Fer 2015 but its slightly over my budget and it looks pretty heavy (14.18kg? Is that heavy? It sounds heavy)! What do you guys think? Opinions? Other suggestions?

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Hi and :welcome: @palasamana

The Tour de Fer looks a pretty good bike for the money and would certainly be high on my list of touring bikes (not least because the gearing set up is very close to what I'd choose for a go-anywhere tourer).

Weight-wise, 14kg is only heavy if compared to a stripped down racing bike. For a touring bike it's not bad and you could easily double the weight by the time you've got luggage attached so I wouldn't get too hung up about it.

You might like to have a look at the Revolution Country Explorer which offers discs for below your budget: Link

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I think the Revolution Country Explorer takes some beating for value with discs and reynolds frame. 14kg is about par for the course for a budget steel tourer. You could get something a little lighter maybe with a 725 frame like the spa tourer, but then you're looking at £1000 ish. I went for a Ridgeback voyage which is a good bike, and dawes do similar spec bikes for around 800. 14kg bike won't shift like a sub 10kg roadie, but not exactly slow either. The weight is there for a reason though - you'll appreciate having a sturdy stable frame if you're carrying full touring kit.
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