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Lancashire, UK
Hey guys check out my first video on YouTube.

Just experimenting with my digital cam and I caught this t**t performing for the camera.

I don't look like i'm going too fast on this vid but I was doing about 18-20mph at the time. Certainly caught me by surprise...


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Looks like by nearly taking you out he nearly had the beemer as well !
See opposite the number plate it says 24 hour service. You reckon he's a priest touting for business ?
Hi CarnageAX, that wvm was just behaving totally normally - drivers are totally unthinking, drooling vegetables behind the wheel, meaning that you have to nanny yourself because they won't look after you.

I know its said allllllll the time here but have you read Cyclecraft by John Franklin, and if not I would recommend it most strongly.

In your video you are riding in secondary, a position which invites cars to overtake. Approaching that line of parked cars I probably would have taken primary as your video starts, and then about 5m before I got to the first car made sure I was out of the door zone. The van probably wouldn't have overtaken until it was safer after the cars that way.

I'm not saying its the be all end all, or that you were in the wrong here by any means, but do remember that drivers are unthinking, homicidal idiots until prooven competant!!

I don't look like i'm going too fast on this vid but I was doing about 18-20mph at the time.
Haha, I know, I totally find this whenever I look at videos of me cycling! I allways think "oh, I felt like I was going so much faster than it looks!"
I have to agree with JRG here. You are riding to close to the edge. When you see the (badly) parked car up ahead, you need to look for a gap in the traffic and pull out far in advance of the parked car to the primary position. That way anyone behind you would have to wait behind you until you passed the car or they would have to overtake onto the other side of the road.

Of course if the WVM was a good driver he would have anticipated that you were approaching an obstacle and have compensated for it. Unfortunately though we can't depend on other drivers to do the right thing :smile:.

Take JRG's advice and get Cyclecraft. It is well worth the investment.

Well done on the first video by the way!! ;)
Oh and further along, you look like you are cycling too close to the cars (i.e. in the door zone). Just imagine what would happen if one of those doors opened on you ;).

All will be revealed in Cyclecraft....:smile:


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Lancashire, UK
Cheers for your comments guys, It is a bit of a habit of mine (cycling too far in) that I have only recently noticed while out with a buddy of mine.

I have a mental note to ride further out but sometimes it gets lost when i'm tiring.

Lets hope future videos have some more considerate drivers!
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