Firsttriathlonn completed!

Discussion in 'Cyclocross (CX), Duathlon and Triathlon' started by Daddydadbo, 12 Aug 2012.

  1. Daddydadbo

    Daddydadbo Member

    Scottish Borders
    I did the Kelso triathlon today. Just the super sprint but enough for my first one.

    I came third in my heat and 8th overall and am totally chuffed.

    51.54 overall time.

    Will get into the forties in Eyemouth in a month!!
  2. :bravo:Nice one. Some guys at work are making noises about next years Ironman UK, after marshalling this years event I am tempted, but I'm not sure just yet. Got a couple of weeks before registration opens anyway.

    Well done today, great result :thumbsup:
  3. WobblyBob

    WobblyBob Well-Known Member

    Nice one, what is the Super Sprint tho ? I know the Sprint distances but never heard of the 'Super'

  4. OP

    Daddydadbo Member

    Scottish Borders
    Supersprint is slightly over half a sprint. They did them in Docklands this year. 400m swim, 10.84 cycle and 2.84km run.

    They do a series in th Borders called Come and Tri and they do supersprint distances for that.

    Next year I am going to do the Sprint series and possibly Strathclyde Park.
  5. WobblyBob

    WobblyBob Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a great taster tri, i'm really curios about these tbh.

    I have a background of competetive swimming from about 13 to 19 then went on to be a lifeguard up to about age 32 (i'm 44 now), but alongside that i did alot of running which i was relatively successsful at running for county & winning quite a few local club road races/XC events but stopped running when i was about 21ish (bloody women & beer to blame !!)

    So fast forward 20 years or so & about 3 or 4 stone & i've bought my first bike about 3 weeks ago to try & lose some of the weight, & i'm finding i'm loving it & its reigniting my competetive side !......So very curios indeed.

    Thanks for the info & good luck with any further tri's you....try.

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