Fit and forget cycle camera?


Any recomendations?

I have a Fly6 on the back, which I like because it has a function where it just records over itselfso no need to remember to wipe the memory card, which as I don't actually have my own computer at the moment is quite important.
It also has a sensor that stops the recording if youri bke falls over so you don't lose the footage if you're in a crash and too incapacitated to/forget to stop the camera.
It's also quick and easy to swop between bikes, it fits on with some stretchy bands. I do alternate bikes frequently, so this is important for me. Also, one bike is a brompton, so somehing that fits in with the fold would be good.

I'd like something similar for the frontAnyone got anything they recomend?


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Isn't there a fly 12 due out which is for the front?
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