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I bought a bike from a tip-rat today. It might be suitable for a restoration job (unlikely) or turning into a fixed bike. I know very little about converting one but would be interested in it maybe as a project. Where's best for advice and info?


Well-Known Member or, not to mention the FAQ section on ACF.


Thanks rustychisel. I had thought about sheldon but the other two are good ideas. I need an Idiots guide so between those I reckon I'll get some answers.

I paid him a small amount of cash so it's now mine. I'll post some pics here when I get chance.


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Here are a group of usefull Fixedwheel links that are a sticky on ACF
edit to add the Fixed FAQs
fixedFAQs latest version

The number one drooling site
Fixed Gear bikes Gallery

How to links
Sheldon Brown runs Harris Cyclery, a good bike shop with a strong web presence. He's here both as supplier of a first-rate selection of cycle bits and as a fount of useful knowledge. His website has so much good stuff that it would be crazy to miss it. Please take a look. You'll probably stay for ages. Why not bookmark us so that you can come back when you've finished?

Why ride fixed? Fixed Gear Bicycles for the Road

Fixie conversions Fixed Gear Conversions

Fixed gear parts Harris Cyclery: Your Fixed-Gear Bicycle Headquarters!

Sheldon on chainline To | FG 101

Shop links
Condor Cycles London


Highpath Engineering : Home page

Track cycling has ceased trading so I usually buy from Parker International, excellent service. Worldwide Cycling Mail Order Specialists & Consultants - Parker International[/url]

Izumi 1/8th chain, with review

GOLDTECH HUBS]Kogswell Cycles - The Fork (IS) The Frame

Phil Wood [url=]Old Skool Track NYC London fixed gear single speed forum

There is a free calculator you can download here

it takes into account tyre size aswell

or go to google;
Hello, I am Bruce link=topic=27141.msg360227#msg360227 date=1168259616]
I was playing with Google's Calculator, and came up with a formula for calculating cadence that I thought I'd share.

Just go to Google and type in

((SPEED miles per hour)/(CIRCUMFERENCE metres) * (SPROCKET/CHAINRING) in (minutes ^ -1)

with appropriate values for your SPEED, wheel CIRCUMFERENCE, and SPROCKET and CHAINRING tooth counts.


((31 miles per hour) / (2.155 metres)) * (19/49) in (minutes ^ -1)

Gives 149.6 rpm.

("minutes ^ -1" just means rpm).

You can change the units, e.g. speed in km/h, or circumference in furlongs, and Google with handle it automatically.


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Or simply call 1-800-fixedwheelnut :blush::ohmy::biggrin:
It certainly looks comprehensive, thanks Fixedwheelnut :smile:.

I've not had much chance to poke it or clean it much yet but I already have the paint lined up and somebody to do it :sad:.


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A tip bike with a Highpath chainset would actually beat RB's Sun Solo with a chainring worth more than the bike!


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I built a fixed from scratch and it wasn't difficult. Bought a fixed frame/forks that had drillings for brakes, had them shotblasted, painted them myself - undercoat, a few top coats and a varnish finish. The only thing to thing seriously about was the gearing and thickness (1/8" or 3/32") and the chainline. I built the wheels from good components (the gearing I can upgrade anytime). Bought the right depth of brake calliphers off Ebay. Goes like a dream and looks good, and mates riding it all love the ride.
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