Flame resistance rant

I'm looking at a new mattress purchase.
I've recently become aware of the chemicals used for fire resistance, and decided to avoid them if possible. Very few places offer such non-chemically 'enhanced' mattresses (and the ones that do don't suit Mr SHK's sleeping style).

Now, from what little I know of the rules, the main point seems to be to prevent the mattress going up in flames if someone drops a match onto it or falls asleep with their cigarette.

As I don't smoke, why should I be polluted with these possibly horrid chemicals to protect me against something that'll never happen to me? And, additionally, I don't think duvet covers and sheets and so on need to pass these regs either? For my current mattress to go up in flames from my non-existent cigarette it'd need to burn through my duvet, sheet and mattress cover (all of which could, as far as I understand the rules, be made of a highly flammable material).

In my house, a fire would need to start from either a gas leak or an electrical fault, so by the time it gets to me in my bed it'll probably be raging quite nicely and the fact that my bed is 'match resistant' probably means **** all to the fire.

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