Fly6 Rear light with built in HD camera


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I'm selling my Fly6 camera/rear light.
£90 £75 including postage.

It's been used a lot, but I gave it a good look over, and I can't see any scratches on the light.
The only cosmetic damage is on one of the rubber pads for the mount, where I had some sugru mouldable rubber to try and mount it somewhere other than the seatpost. It has left a light residue, but very minor.

Included in the box:
Fly6 camera/light
2 plastic mounts
4 rubber pads of different angles to enable you to have the light properly vertical depending on the angle of your seatpost
6 rubber "ladders" of varyine lengths to attach mount to seatpost
1 rubber adaptor for mounting to an aero seatpost
8GB class 10 micro SD card
Micro SD card to SD card adaptor
USB cable

Note that this is version 1 of the light; they have a new one out which is smaller.

IMG_20150313_123334.jpg IMG_20150313_123418.jpg
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I sooo very want this, just can't afford the £80 at the minute, new car and Op to save for in October, need to seriously save money, not spend it :sad:

Good luck with the sale though Ben.
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