Focus Cayo, Ribble winter trainer & Specialized Sirrus for sale


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OK, so the time has come to sell off some bikes as i've literally run out of room in the bike store room ! So, i'm planning to sell the following :-

Focus Cayo 105. The bike in my profile pic. This is one of the original early carbon Cayo's, sold to me by Wiggle in their early days of Focus. They were a customer of mine, so i had this as an ex demo bike. Not sure of the year but around 2006/7 ish i think ? It's a fab bike, it got me back into road cycling again, but with other bikes in the shed, it hasn't really been used for a few years. That said, it's been serviced recently and had new rear mech and hanger, cassette, chain, etc and is in immaculate condition ! Not sure of the size..... it's big.... i'm 6'3....... if you're 6 foot or under, it'll be too big. Guess it's a 60 or 61 frame. Shimano wheels, Ultegra flight Deck levers, 105 brakes etc. It's a beautiful bike and will be sad to see it go....... Offers around £550.

Ribble 105 winter trainer. The blue one. This has been my hack for Spring, Autumn and Winter for a few years. Only selling as i now have a cross bike for the lovely muddy Somerset roads this winter ! This has been a great bike, always serviced and bits replaced where needed. It's done a huge amount of trouble free miles in the last three years, including two trips to Bruges on touring holidays, loaded with panniers. I have a spare 32 spoke wheel which i'll also include that i used on these trips. The bike has never missed a beat and is probably the quietest bike I've owned..... Never any noises or niggles ! Recent new cassette and chain. cost me £600 3 years ago, i'd be happy to let her go for £250. It's a size 60 frame. Conti 4 season tyres still fairly new on it too.

Specialized Sirrus. 4 ish years old, not used for a while. Was my pub bike. Suit 6 foot ish plus. Black. Good condition but may need some replacement bits. It cleaned up fine, probably need a small service but nothing serious. Offers around £125 i guess !

I think that covers everything, but if i missed any glaring info, please don't hesitate to ask and i'll try and answer ! I'm in Somerset, would rather not post anything, so collect if poss or i can meet somewhere within a couple of hours, ish ! More photos can be taken of any or all of them, these were just what i had on the phone.......



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