follow me tandem thing

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Deal, Kent
Don't know about that one but we just got a Trek 'tag along bike for my 4 year old and he loved his first ride on Sunday.
At first it does feel strange to me (the rider) but after a couple of miles it's really good.
It cost £98.00 with LBS discount and it's money well spent!


apologies, I assumed this was about those standard seat and a wheel attachments

my bad


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The Follow Me Tandem device is available from Velorution, a great bike shop in Great Titchfield St in London.

It looked pretty effective but is a bit pricey (about £140 I think) and adds weight to the adult bike when not in use unless you remove it which takes a ew minutes. I didn't buy one becasue it wouldn't fit my bike which has a Sram hub gear.

I'm still undecided as to what to buy instead. The Burley Piccolo looks good but costs £300+!!


My partner's daughter (not an experienced cyclist) and grandson have an Islabike trailerbike, and it works very well and is much loved :blush:

In particular, it attaches and detaches instantly, and handles better than similar devices which attach to the towing bike's seatpin.


It looks like a deathtrap.
What if you're taking a bend quite fast downhill? The child on the back could easily jacknife.
what if the child on the rear bike tries to steer? It could upset the balance of the whole thing tipping it over, sending everyone on the front bike flying into a river.
What if the child on the back detaches themself and inadvertently rides the wrong way or crashes and you ride for miles before noticing they're not there?
I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. If you want your kids to cycle, there's only one method. Get them a bike, get them learnt how to ride it, and get them riding along in front of you. No fancy metal attachments will replace that. This thing is obviously the brainchild of some bored person who can't think what to do with himself since being made redundant.
But presumably you'll decide that it's ok becaue it's been theoretically proven to be in some lab :blush:


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That thing does look a little dangerous. In fact the more I look at it it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

I worry about riding a bike with panniers through some obstacles like bike slower-downers, and loosing the pannier. Let alone having to scrape a child off one


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The only value those things can have are for tinkering, or giving the kids a laugh for about 20 metres

When I say tinkering I mean taking it on and off again


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They're great for days out. Unlike trailer bikes, they give you the ability to unhook the child's bike and let them ride independently, and then hitch them back up when they get tired.

That sounds like a great day out. It sounds like loosening the wheels on your car and going out to see what happens
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