Following Yesterday's Tragedy...

Damn...that's an awful road.

Am I allowed to say that without being jumped on?
I avoid the road now and only go down there when I am filming.Too dangerous...too many big lorries.Motorbikes also use the cycle lane.

There are safer bridges.
Oh yeah...I don't have a problem with motorcycles using the cycle lanes on that road I just wish you would acknowledge I am there instead of just cutting in front of me.(and be a bit patient as well)


It's great to see so many cyclists on the road since the improved weather. However, without appearing elitist, I'm very concerned about the behaviour of many new cyclists.

A lot of them ride too close to the kerb, wearing dark / neutral clothing which reduces visibility and and meander rather than ride straight.

I may upset many keen cyclists here, but I think the Government, as part of it's C2W programme, should make it mandatory for cyclists to take a proficiency course (not test).

I know voluntary courses exist, but unless something becomes a legal requirement, people won't act.

We might reduce the unfortunate incidents like the ones we've been reading about.

Of course, nothing can account for bad driving.


Dog on a bike
It's been made much worse lately as it's the diversion for the closed Borough High street. That means much more traffic turns left into Southwark Bridge Road from Southwark Street.



Rabid cycle nut
There are too many altercations with lorries around that area. I know the count of lorry is up due to the works but the accident rate does feel somewhat disproportionate.
I think it's best to avoid it if you can.I never liked London Bridge (an alternative) before but I don't think it's too bad now.
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