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Hello all
Just been down to the local FoodBank to talk about voluntering - they need someone to "do things" with the computers

Anyway, I was chatting to the person in charge and she was commenting about how hard they have been hit by the cost of living crisis (not being political - just a fact) and how donation have dropped

They used to pick up the donations from Tesco 3 times a week - it is now down to once due to drop in volume

Also - they used to have about 1/4 of their warehouse (really just an old social club!) just for beans - which are a main staple
they now only have about 25 ish crates of tins left
apparently no FoodBank has ever run out of beans - but it is getting close

So - point in this post
If you can afford it please drop something off if there is a collection point near you - most big supermarkets have one
She said - even a tin of Tesco beans helps

Again, IF you can afford it a monthly donation helps a lot - even a quid or so

if you feel you can

that all


P.S. please don;t go all NACA in comments - leave that to "the other place" if you feel the need - I'll see you there!


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