'Foot In Mouth Disease'

Self deprecating/embarrassment moment here...………..
Times 2

Yesterday I was at work , & an elderly lady was brought in as a patient
When I had to do my bit, & deal with her, I concentrated on talking to her, but still saying "Hello" to the 2 female relatives

One of the relatives said to me, after looking at my badge
"Can I ask, did you go out with C…W.., a lot of years ago?"

I thought for a minute, as it was a lot of years (as SWMBO & I have been together for over 33 years), but answered in the affirmative
"Yes, but it must be 35 years ago"
I started to think that one of them looked rather familiar (1)

After a while & thinking, I got my phone from my locker, & found on my FaceBook page (only social media, I use) a photograph
A few years ago, an old friend had contacted mem, via FB, asking about this girl, as he thought he knew her now
(so I found & uploaded the only print I had, from an old photo-album)

I took it to show the familiar looking relative & said;
"I've got to admit C....., you aged remarkably well (looking at the old lady) it must be good genes!!"

Cue a stormy look from 'familiar face' & bags of laughter, from 'O-L' & other relative

That picture's of my mother!!!!":cursing:


I did go & see them, before I left though (all in lycra - me, not them!!)
They took a picture of my picture, to show C

Probably never see any of them again, as I believe 'O-L' went back home

1. I had a similar situation a couple of months ago too (but with someone I only knew as a friend of friends)
I was talking to a volunteer, & a girl (as I thought) came up too
I looked at her, thinking you look damned familiar

I stated that she did, but as someone from circa 34 - 30 years ago, from a certain two pubs & a night-club in Wakefield, but sorry you don't look old enough
She asked where; "Black Swan, Friar Tucks & Raffles"
And the girl I thought you were, was friends with...…. naming several people

She told me her name, & that she was happy that I didn't think she was anywhere near 51

And, even more coincidentally
She told me who she was married to, after I saw her name-tag

I told her the names of her (2) sisters-in-law, her brother-in-law & his wife;
Elder sister-in-law joined my School in 4th year, & I also years later bumped into her again, at my daughters 'prep school' (not my name for it, but that's what they called themselves)
Bro-in-law, raced MTBs with me, for a while in the early 90's

(I also know her bro-in-laws wifes brother, as he was in my year at Senior School)
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Keeping to the hospital theme.

In 1991 I broke both my arms in the same motorcycle accident and they were put in plaster.

This meant I could do nothing for myself. I was taken to the toilet by a nurse and when I had finished she had to wipe my butt.

As she was pulling my trousers up, she said with a smile. "You're Steve Lindley aren't you? I was at school with your Martin".

Wonderful people nurses. But Im glad I have never seen her since. ^_^
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