For a 'second..

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..I was worried WHY - because it rained VERY hard, a while back - I know its easy for me to say this as I'm high up topographically/geographically but really I thought what would happen if it was to flood in my locale :biggrin::?::biggrin:

I was checking the Met office site but the exactment of info wasn;t great on the rainfall radar !

Anyone know any good sites that are uptodate by the minute or hour instead of seperate to the Met office ????????

The weather has changed now whether it stays likes this I don't know - who does...but seriously whats everybodies feeling on this as this really could be the downhill, weather wise that won't be so fun...
This is the Swedish version of the Met. Office in the UK.

Click on 'Forecasts and observations', then on the middle map of Europe, and finally on Great Britain. Should be self-explanatory.
I reckon all met. offices, deep down, haven't got a clue about the weather! :biggrin:


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For a reliable weather forecast try and personalise it for your location and how long or short term you want the forecast for. Lots of detail and breaks days into 3hr slots.

If you want to know if your post code has a flood risk then the environment agency web site has the facility.

I work in agriculture so reliable forecasts are essential. Metcheck has generally called it right throughout this last 2 months of weather hell.
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