For all you regular commuters....


I see the regulars , going past and from work...

Theirs one bloke who rides an MTB wide bars, thin, goes rides pretty fast..

Anyhow, he's obviously thought about his lights to the near point of hiding them.

The rear LED is high as you look at him from behind so high, at shoulder height attached to the top of his backpack but looking at him (from the rear) you cant see it -why= its at the same level as the lights of the traffic and the streetlights..

So, if anyone if reading this and has their rear light positioned in this manner then forget it as you just aren't visible !
I see that quite a bit.



see them on clothes, better than nothing but that's it, I can only assume they can't be bothered to unclip them or to mount them, hard as they is to imagine

or they mount them too far forward on the bike, there's a lot of very small dim lights about, it takes me time sometimes to work out that it is a light rather than a reflector

they're better then the no light crew but only a bit

really no excuse at all now, a good light is so cheap and so easy to mount and so easy to run
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