[FOR SALE] 1980s Fuji Allegro (22 inch VALite 414 frame)


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Hi all,

I've built this Fuji Allegro as a 10 speed from a frameset I purchased over a year ago, unfortunately the frame is an inch or so too big for me so it's up for sale. I've measured the frame to be 22inches (center to center).

It's a lovely bike in black and red. For cycle chatters I will deliver within a 50mile radius of Bury, Lancashire at 20p per mile (for my round trip).

Here's the original Fuji Allegro sales brochure specification for those who are curious. http://www.classicfuji.com/Allegro&AllegroMixte_1985_Page.htm

It's for sale via eBay with a starting auction price of £119.99 the auction ends at 5pm on Saturday 11 April 2015.


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cant see why this hasnt sold kinda bump @IncoherentJeff
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