For Sale: 21 inch Falcon Phaser road bike


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This is a lovely bike in excellent condition which I really need to sell in order to stay on our lass's good side.

It has five gears, swapped with a Falcon branded rear derailleur, Supercromix 700C wheels wearing skinny cut slick Peugeot Roadracer tires and a lovely period Iscaselle Triathlon saddle. It has an ITM headset and alloy drop bars, wrapped in the original metallic blue bar tape.

The frame is in lovely condition with few scratches / nicks in the paintwork and only slight damage to the decals. I was out on the bike the other night and it is smooth and quiet at road speed, with a neat, precise gear change.

There is however considerable pitting in the chrom on the wheel rims and some surface rust on the brake mountings on the handlebars.

Photos below:






I'd be looking for £65 or near offer. I'm in Flixton in south west Manchester, five minutes from the M60. I'm off on holiday until June 28th, but if you fancy a look, drop me a PM with your contact details and I'd be happy to sort out a viewing when I'm back.

Thanks for looking!


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I think you'd do better over on Retrobike. They're only interested in carbon or really exotic metals here.

What colour is your back door?


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Just done some jiggling about with the bike, the bathroom scales and a box - it comes out at 12.6kg.

[Also being offered on eBay.]
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