Forget mobile phones ....


I'm back! Yippeee
wow u can dothing like watch vidos as u maim people brillient!!! the moron!!!


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As mentioned on the comments - wait till till the airbag goes off :bicycle: Soon be one for the Darwin Awards.

(It is a wind up isn't it??)
Jezston said:
It appears to be a hoax.

His website here:
has a link at the bottom to the patent:
which is for Duct Tape.
Im relieved then.As I almost saw an accident last night with some tit doing something on his phone it wouldn't surprise me.I hope nobody picks up on this.

Number14 said:
Just came across this while browsing. Apparently "it's much safer than texting on your phone as you don't need to take your eyes off the road" :bicycle:

Actually in the vid he says you dont need to take your eyes off of the steering wheel.
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