Forks needed!!!

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Stephen13, 5 Aug 2012.

  1. Stephen13

    Stephen13 Regular

    have some seriously bent forks that need replacing off of a 80's Peugeot Elan

    Pic shows size required, not bothered about colour etc

  2. Isabelle Vince

    Isabelle Vince New Member

    Hi Stephen,
    I don't really know anything about forks but am writing to you because I am looking for a bike. I work at West Herts College too and would like to cycle to work this Academic Year. I can't afford the bike I want, the Batavus Lento Deluxe so am looking for a second-hand ladies bike, not a racing bike. Do you have anything suitable or can you recommend a place to buy one?
    Or, do you know if they have a Cycle to Work scheme at work?
    Any help gratefully appreciated. I'd like to get organised before we go back next week?
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