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Great site for information that has help me immensively.

Needs some advice regarding forks.

I have a Scott P2 which I use only on the road now, have changed tyres to slicks and fitted SPD pedals, can anyone recommend replacement forks to reduce the weight as it has suspension forks at the moment.

Cannot afford to buy a new road bike to keep up with my pal who has just bought one, but thought as we have 2 charity rides in the next 2 months to drop some weight not just the bike's weight!!!!!!

Any help much appreciated


Kona's P2 fork is highly thought of and is relatively affordable.

It's chromoly so will be good out absorbing road shocks


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Before I go and buy a pair of these forks are they easy to fit, I have 700c wheels with v brakes.

Also does the steerer need cutting


I've never replaced forks but the Kona P2s are a common replacement and come in 26" and 700c flavours with disc or v brakes versions (I've got 700c disc P2s on my Dew Plus).

Steerer may need cutting - or you could use spacers on top of the stem. Or spacers under the stem and a different stem to get the bars just where you want them.
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