Fort Lauderdale-Boston


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Hi, my name is Pedro Castro Amare, actually i'm preparing my first touring trip along the atlantic coast, from Fort Lauderdale to Boston starting at the beginning of september and in that sense i'm looking for any kind of info and advise that can be helpful, especially after leaving Florida through A1A, I'd like to listen your opinnions guys, since i read that route 17 can be a choice for a well part of the trip. I also should say that I'm a journalist that would be looking forward to take pics and get footages whenever i have a chance to prepare a short doc after this experience. I used to produce a tv program about ecotourism and nature preservation in my home country, Venezuela. I was considering to do this trip in no more than 2 months, Please any info would be ver well received.
Thanks again and hope to hear from you, Pedro
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