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With just under a thousand members (plus still a lot of lurkers) there does seem to be a distinct lack of trolls here.
Now some, not the former C+ gang, won't be too familiar with the spoutings of a certain bonj!
To be fair to him, he's not a troll; more like the forum equivalent of the village idiot, in the mould of John Mills in Ryan's Daughter.
And I'm sure he's a very competent cyclist; once he ditches the stabilisers he'll be up for his Cycling Proficiency Award!
When they drop, he'll probably turn into a decent human adult!

If I ever meet him, I'll be happy to buy him a drink of his choice! ;)

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This is not a fertile environment for trolls as there is a shortage of the more excitable types who respond to trolls. Trolls are commonest where they provoke a reaction. If all they get is to be ignored, or "Sod off troll," then they don't bother.


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tbh I don't really recall any trolls on C+ either. Mainly because I only occasionally pasted in Soapbox. If anything there it was the "regulars" who had the best (!) slogging matches.

I do recall some imbecile in begineers - but he (almost certainly a he) came across as stupid, rather than argumentative...... name escapes me.....
(but hasn't shown up here!!)
No visible trolls, for much the reasons that Patrick stated. Also, as a small private forum it's much harder for a troll to get away with it. Mind you, I'm damn sure we're being watched by the usual suspects....


.... but still a lot of gratuitous posts from a few people that, in my view, undermine the value of the forum (mind you there's a few on acf that have to comment on EVERY thread, however inane or pathetic their response may be)

BTW Chuffy - thought of you yesterday - I rode to the Gliding Club and recalled your trike riding escapade a couple of years ago ;):biggrin:


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I never really got involved with any Stonecastle posts, but what few I read were not in my entertaining bracket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tetedelacourse said:
Can anyone list a few of the old C+ trolls? I find it difficult to distinguish between trolls and some of those who post in Soapbox and commuting.
Can't you use your spidey sense instead? Lazy Bugger!
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