Forums closed: Room 101 & Link Suggestions


In preparation for moving to the new forum software I've been looking at closing and consolidating forums.

I've closed Room 101 and it is unlikely to see a return. Instead circular / argumentative / inappropriate threads will be closed and/or removed.

Link Suggestions has been suspended (although all the link suggestions are still there, and I will work through adding them later). However the new software allows for direct submission into the directory, so we won't need a separate forum for links anymore.

There may be others over the coming weeks as I firm up the site move plans.

Shaun ;)


Hi Shaun.

Room 101 is full of circular threads which seem to be going nowhere, but rarely on this site do I see offensive threads.

Inappropiate threads (spamming/gratuitously offensive) threads I can accept being disappeared.

Long and eventually circular threads between the usual suspects (especially now Linf is back :becool:) are more difficult.

The level of argument here is high compared to any other internet forum I use.

To lock or disappear a thread will be seem by the protagonists as unreasonable. Most threads in 101 in the old days were Linf and Mr P slugging it out.

I don't think these should be locked. If they really want to argue when everyone else has given up (which is what happened), doesn't the new software allow them to slog it out in the chatroom on a 1 to 1 basis in real time?
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