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Bit of a history to this machine..... bought on a whim many moons ago just as STI came in.....

My roadie mates and I all decided to have a bit of a laugh one winter and get MTB's...

Well I bought a DB Ascent with Deore LX components for a bit of a steal really...... great laugh - did some real off road stuff, like going up Snowdon in February (clear day.....) one year, and the likes.... used it for a few years during winter to commute 20 miles down back lanes (with the BLT lights shown)...

Started life as a Grey marble effect, that while looked cool to start with, was really boring, so had it re-painted about 8 years ago.... It then didn't move much from then until the last few months where it's been re-converted to a commuter (tyres, guards, lights and a new battery and bulbs for my aged BLT's (these are over 10 years old...... just as BLT started to hit the UK market)....

It's set up much like my road bikes (arse up, head down) and it had inches and inches chopped off the bars when I bought it..... rides like a dead slug on the road :biggrin:, but is fab off road.. oh yeh.... just like all MTB's....:biggrin: the semi slicks improve road noise, but that's about it.... but I go like stink when I get on the road bikes now.... so has benefits, and it's helped me loose 10kg's of excess blubber by commuting again.... and now down to my ideal weight ;)

So here are a few shots....

Rolls road saddle.....


Old BLT Front with a 3w halogen and a Cateye LED !!!



Zefal Guards - very neat finish


Old BLT rear - 2.4 w halogen......:biggrin: with my Cateye rear LED



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Nice. Particularly impressed by the front light actually.


oooh, cantis... that puts you in the same elite club as people who have cars with registration that goes letter-letter-letter number-number-number-letter
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